Friday, August 29, 2008

The Spring... springs back!

My recent impulse led me to the creation of yet another blog. This blog… to date is the 5th blog that I will be managing [aside from the 9 others that I single-handedly deal with].

This blog is not actually for me alone. This blog will not feature my crazy whims and foolish quirks brought about by culture shock. This blog is for my former students who I once trained to write and have become writers themselves but don’t have the time to have their own blog. This blog is for those former students of mine who share the same passion for writing. This is for those students who once inspired me to write.

Ruthinian Orona-Gregoire


On the Spot

Ms. Orona - as she is popularly known is now addressed as Mrs. Ruthinian Orona-Gregoire. She is presently on an extended Sabbatical Leave and now based in Maine, USA. She is currently an out-of-school teacher and a stay-at-home wife to Michael.


Attention: MY FORMER STUDENTS If you are interested in contributing entries for this blog, kindly read the Mechanics for Submitting Blog Post Entry [CLICK HERE] for your guidelines. Thank You.


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